Cheapest money transfer

May 23, 2016

Open two accounts on your favorite exchange site (like Betfair or Matchbook) and bet against yourself with some very crazy odds! (Just make sure you offer the safe bet first!) Also, you might be able to pay your employees this way tax-free in the UK???


May 22, 2016

It often happened to me that I’ve accidentally bought the wrong thing, like vinegar instead of oil etc, but I feel like this time I’ve hit rock bottom – I bought alcohol-free beer!

Betting on yourself to win

March 27, 2016

It seems that the rules about betting on yourself to win are pretty sloppy, in many cases allowed, or just prohibited by the sport body, but not by law. This is quite surprising as you could bet on yourself only on days when you feel in good shape. More details here:

Anyhow, it seems really hard to investigate which bettors are related to you and thus many people can have insider information. This whole betting business and stock exchange is a mass.

National Betting Agency

March 18, 2016

I wonder why they don’t make in each country a national betting agency which would enjoy monopoly, i.e., it would be the only site where people can bet. Gambling companies could submit their offered odds to this agency and all the gamblers would see only the best odd when placing the bet (without seeing which company offers it). All ads and bonuses would be forbidden, just like for tobacco. And of course the agency would take some commission from the companies, and every local office would belong to a friend of the prime minister.

Driving on the other side and British English

October 17, 2015

OK, not driving, I’m just biking. It took me no time at all to get used to keeping to the left, but still every time when I meet a car at a roundabout, I always make eye contact with the person next to the driver to see who will go first… Sometimes they even show with their hands that I can and I realize only later that it wasn’t the driver…

I also wonder why the hell in English class we used to learn about kettles and missed such words as lozenge and laryngitis which appear a lot more in every day life here… Not to mention “sick”. Whenever I told someone that Kasu is sick, they always ask back how many times has she been sick. I’m like how the hell do you count that… By now we have learned “ill”…

Best 3rd place

October 10, 2015

I just realized that the rules for computing who the best 3rd place team is (in uefa 2016 qualifiers) are even crazier than usual. It can happen that a team finishes with more points after eliminating the last team of the group if it loses its last match than it would if it won. E.g., suppose Greece was beaten by Faroe twice, but Greece has beaten (theoretically) Finland once and they play again in the last round. Then if Faroe has 6 points and Finland has 5, then for Greece its better to be beaten by Finland than to win against them.

Symmetric Number Locks

September 16, 2015

Another brilliant world changing idea of mines: On a Number Pad Lock that is used by many, after a while the combination numbers will fade. How about making a permutation of the negation also work? Like the code could be 29470 or 38156?

Also, a good joke: At Kasu’s nursery children are expected to bring their own suncream for when they play outside.

UK is the perfect country for me!?

September 4, 2015

At least w/r/t recommended alcohol intake:

The daily recommended sensible drinking limits are:

  • For men – you should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol per day

This means I can have 3-4 beers on average days, and a few more on weekends, holidays and whenever one of the neighbouring kids has a birthday! OK, I must confess that after getting suspicious I searched online and it turned out that

One UK unit is 10 ml or eight grams of pure alcohol. A typical pint of ale contains one or two units

Does this mean that Bud light is a typical ale?

Report from CB4 1YE

August 31, 2015

So, time for the blog to return to its usual duty of reporting from abroad to my beloved ones and Dani. The memories of our move are faded enough to spare my dear readers from the details, except that Ryanair started 50 mins late and arrived just 10 mins late, which means that they can do the planned 2:30 hour journey in 1:50 if they really want to, which was a surprise for me. We have also learned why our tickets were so expensive – our lease started just the day after Sziget ended – tough luck.

The flat was as bad as expected – crappy water and heating system, no insulation. The only reason why we haven’t already turned on the heaters is that it’s August and if we did, I don’t know what we would do later. The only surprise was that the area of our 3 bedrooms combined is less than our bedroom was in Gazdagret – good that we switched to this from the 2 bedroom apartment, I have no clue what we would do then. But it is really nasty not to state the size of apartments here.

The neighboUrhood  is also as good as expected – almost all families with small kids working for the university. We have Hungarians, Telugus and every other possible nationality, except English. The community is very close, they leave unused stuff for each other in the laundry room (just like on gumtree), we have a secret facebook group and big central courtyard to hang out in case it would not rain. Yesterday for example there was a Mexican birthday party with a pinata and lots of candies, but of course the main interest for Kasu was the other 20 kids of her age. She already picked up the phrase “It’s mine!” I can also already see myself in my own Seth MacFarlane show sitting in a bar with the other three daddies who spend a lot of time in the courtyard. We form a perfectly pc crowd: an american wasp, a black guy, an asian dude and a person of indian origin.

Until now we’ve been busy with registering for things and shopping (online is the magic word). Our home internet just started today, until now we lived like animals, using only the internet shared from our mobile packages! It’s crazy how much discount you can get here, just googling voucher saved 50 from the internet bills. In the supermarkets I almost exclusively buy whatever is half price and lately I have even discovered the perfect Wednesday diner discount for Padmini and me: Hm, just now I see that I should also sign up for that Season Ticket at the bottom…

And of course Cambridge would not be complete without mentioning biking in the rain. As our first puzzle (oh, yeah, surely there will be puzzles!) guess whom we’ve bumped into on the main street heading to buy rainproof biking equipment. The hint is that we haven’t seen them for five years and by now they also have two kids. The winner will be eligible for a Stormguard Window Insulation Kit that he can put up for us. (I’m not trying to hint that women cannot figure out the solution or put up window insulation, I just doubt that they would read my blog.)

Audio for all members of the family

March 28, 2015

So how about making a movie with two (or more) possible audios, so that the story becomes very different? Like one of them could be some drama for mummy and daddy, while another some simple tale for kids. Is this impossible? This would arguably bring back family movie nights, at least if the definition is staring at the same screen with your headsets. Also, I must acknowledge that this idea was inspired by Koochie Koochie Hota Hai.