Average Joes’ Football League Lottery

When somebody hits the jackpot on the lottery, they will win a lot of money, and probably they are willing to do something funny for it. So why don’t we make a lottery that differs from the standard lottery only in that the winners are expected to do something before they can touch their winnings? This can range from social work to humiliating tasks (I shall make no attempt to influence the individual fantasies of my beloved readers).

Anyhow, I would use such a lottery for drafting a football team of average guys. I’ve always wondered how randomly selected people from different countries would perform against each other. So I would have a lottery that is only for, say, 20-30 year-old males and the 22 winners from each country get a month to prepare (coached by Attila Pinter) for the Average Joes’ Football League. Winnings of course depend on the performance of the team, but even members of last placed teams would get a non-negligible amount (not to mention the coaches).


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