Deterministic gambling

Take a country, where gambling is illegal, or restricted, like the US or Hungary. Would it be legal to offer a deterministic casino, e.g., a roulette table where the casino picks the value? (In such a way that it’s best payout for the house, without any randomness.) Of course if only one person plays at a time, then that person would always lose, but if many play, then this game has a smaller edge than a traditional roulette table if the casino is never allowed to pick zero. Or to simplify, people could just guess red or black, and whichever gets the lesser stake wins each minute. (This is quite similar to the smallest number game, it involves some kind of thinking, unlike traditional roulette.) To make it even more appealing, we can even offer to pay out some (not randomly selected!) people in case of a tie.

Would this be legal? If yes, then we should totally start a non-profit organization that does this and offer all the income to fight gambling. In my opinion a game is to be considered gambling if people play it and often lose more than they can afford. (So I don’t agree with Noga Alon, who argued that poker should be legal.)



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