Golden Ball algorithm

The way the Golden Ball award works (at least as far as I understand), is that some selected people cast their votes, then based on this, the three top voted players are invited to the ceremony, where the best gets the award. I’m fascinated by how they count the votes. Computer? Or does someone already know who will win before the ceremony? I expect that the case is the latter, but it wouldn’t be too hard to come up with an algorithm.

For example, everyone in the counting committee would look at only one vote. The first person reveals their vote. Then they go around, and everyone who has a player not yet named, reveals their vote. They keep on repeating this until only three players are left.

There are some issues with this algorithm. For example, it might happen that everyone voted for the same person, and then this turns out in the very first round, or, similarly, at a later round less than three people remain. These events have a small probability, and they anyhow cannot be solved, so let’s forget about them.

A more important issue is, that when they go around revealing their votes, then some information is revealed in which order they go in. For example, if the last person puts Neymar in the final three, then we know that he cannot be the final winner. This is not a special case, it’s enough that after the person who reveals Neymar, at most x people remain who didn’t reveal their votes (and thus might have a vote for Neymar), while before him there are more than 2x who didn’t reveal their votes (and thus have a vote for Messi or Ronaldo, obviously).

Is there a way to solve this?




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