Password with year created

I, probably similarly to most people, use the same password for most sites, with the exception of a very few places that I think people might care to hack, like banks and email, for which I use a different one. I’m also forced to use a different password for some sites that require extra stupid rules, so I keep these extra additions in a text file, or I could never remember them. Same for the sites that require me to change my password every once in a while. In fact, I would be happy to change my password regularly for many more sites, but unless I want to go through hundreds of webpages, I would soon get confused by at which place which password I use.

But there is such a simple solution to this problem. When you type in your username, the site could give you the year your password was created, then it would be enough to remember which year you had which password, and update your password to the newer one when you first visit the site in a new year (if you want to). I think I’ve seen something similar on a few sites, but only if you go to “forgotten your password” and then you can see a hint set by yourself, which is more complicated than automatically displaying the year (but of course this should also be an option for those who want it). Many sites let you reset your password if you can answer some easy question about yourself, which I don’t find safe at all.


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