UK is the perfect country for me!?

At least w/r/t recommended alcohol intake:

The daily recommended sensible drinking limits are:

  • For men – you should not regularly drink more than three to four units of alcohol per day

This means I can have 3-4 beers on average days, and a few more on weekends, holidays and whenever one of the neighbouring kids has a birthday! OK, I must confess that after getting suspicious I searched online and it turned out that

One UK unit is 10 ml or eight grams of pure alcohol. A typical pint of ale contains one or two units

Does this mean that Bud light is a typical ale?


One Response to “UK is the perfect country for me!?”

  1. daveagp Says:

    At least you get 25% more ounces per pint over there across the pond! I think it’s still a pretty good deal even though your ounces are a little runtish.

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