Report from CB4 1YE

So, time for the blog to return to its usual duty of reporting from abroad to my beloved ones and Dani. The memories of our move are faded enough to spare my dear readers from the details, except that Ryanair started 50 mins late and arrived just 10 mins late, which means that they can do the planned 2:30 hour journey in 1:50 if they really want to, which was a surprise for me. We have also learned why our tickets were so expensive – our lease started just the day after Sziget ended – tough luck.

The flat was as bad as expected – crappy water and heating system, no insulation. The only reason why we haven’t already turned on the heaters is that it’s August and if we did, I don’t know what we would do later. The only surprise was that the area of our 3 bedrooms combined is less than our bedroom was in Gazdagret – good that we switched to this from the 2 bedroom apartment, I have no clue what we would do then. But it is really nasty not to state the size of apartments here.

The neighboUrhood  is also as good as expected – almost all families with small kids working for the university. We have Hungarians, Telugus and every other possible nationality, except English. The community is very close, they leave unused stuff for each other in the laundry room (just like on gumtree), we have a secret facebook group and big central courtyard to hang out in case it would not rain. Yesterday for example there was a Mexican birthday party with a pinata and lots of candies, but of course the main interest for Kasu was the other 20 kids of her age. She already picked up the phrase “It’s mine!” I can also already see myself in my own Seth MacFarlane show sitting in a bar with the other three daddies who spend a lot of time in the courtyard. We form a perfectly pc crowd: an american wasp, a black guy, an asian dude and a person of indian origin.

Until now we’ve been busy with registering for things and shopping (online is the magic word). Our home internet just started today, until now we lived like animals, using only the internet shared from our mobile packages! It’s crazy how much discount you can get here, just googling voucher saved 50 from the internet bills. In the supermarkets I almost exclusively buy whatever is half price and lately I have even discovered the perfect Wednesday diner discount for Padmini and me: Hm, just now I see that I should also sign up for that Season Ticket at the bottom…

And of course Cambridge would not be complete without mentioning biking in the rain. As our first puzzle (oh, yeah, surely there will be puzzles!) guess whom we’ve bumped into on the main street heading to buy rainproof biking equipment. The hint is that we haven’t seen them for five years and by now they also have two kids. The winner will be eligible for a Stormguard Window Insulation Kit that he can put up for us. (I’m not trying to hint that women cannot figure out the solution or put up window insulation, I just doubt that they would read my blog.)


6 Responses to “Report from CB4 1YE”

  1. jurgen Says:

    “with the other three daddies who spend a lot of time in the courtyard. We form a perfectly pc crowd: an american wasp, a black guy, an asian dude and a person of indian origin.”

    given that you cannot be the first three, have you also discovered some indian origins in yourself by now?

  2. jurgen Says:

    i was just about to email you to ask how the move went, btw. i am glad i do not have to any more

  3. domotorp Says:

    could it really be that I’ve never mentioned to you my PIO card?

  4. mtahooligans Says:

    that’s impossible. about 23% of your jokes is about you being officially of indian origin. so diana and honza were in cambridge?

  5. domotorp Says:

    no, try again. this couple lives in cambridge.

    btw, if you have the full statistics, I would be interested in the remaining 77%.

  6. jurgen Says:

    seems like i have managed to avoid those jokes for quite long time as i have had no idea. maybe you talk about pio when i am already thrashed, hence i forget it by the next day.

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