Uber restaurant

This Uber seems to rulez, but I wonder why it became so popular with cabs. I mean anyone can drive and all the app does is to save you some money. I think something similar would be a lot more fun for food. Like potential chefs could register at a restaurant, submit online the foods they cook, how much they want for it, tell when they are free, and costumers could browse through the menu digitally, see what’s available, how other people/friends like that chef/food. The restaurant would have all the ingredients ready, the chefs can just spend their evening/weekend at home, until someone orders their food (hopefully also from home to reduce waiting time), then they can just go there, cook the meal, and go back home. For example I would set that I am willing to cook for 20 pounds normally, but for 100 pounds even in the middle of the night, though I doubt anyone would like the canned food I have to offer…


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