I figured out why fat people are happier than thins!

No, I didn’t conduct a large statistical research and examine their genotype, all my conclusion is based on personal experience. I think the ability to be carefree and happy (Krishna type), is an acquired trait that we learn from our environment, and so is to be serious and strict (Rama type). I am more Rama type, I worry about Kasu’s health and mix less cacao in her milk. Padmini is more Krishna type, she mixes more. More parental sites recommend keeping in secret the existence of sweets and never giving them until the child is at least two. Padmini was checking the sites to see at how many months she can finally treat Kasu ice-cream and now during winter she makes ice-cream regularly at home (though with little sugar and from frozen kefir, easy recipe, you should try). So that’s my conclusion – carefree parents are the common cause of fatness and happiness.


4 Responses to “I figured out why fat people are happier than thins!”

  1. jørgen Says:

    danes are supposed to be the happiest nation in the world. you can barely see overweight people on the streets, so they are not fat. does it mean they could be even happier than at present, and really beat the rest of the world by a large margin if they got fat?

    on the other hand they love to have ice cream in the winter.

  2. domotorp Says:

    I mean passing on happiness is also part of the culture and it might not be always combined with carefreeness, I suppose. the question is are fat danes happier than thins?

  3. jørgen Says:

    well, they are hard to find and observe — maybe if there was a zoo collecting some fat danes, i could ask them!

    this favourite rapper of mine, on the other hand, is pretty happy

  4. domotorp Says:

    I could watch six mins of it…

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