Withdraw voting right from women!

Or take it away from men! Or toss a dice before every voting! So many people vote, which wastes a lot of energy – not just organizing the voting, but even for the people themselves to go to the place where they gotto cast their vote. While because of this I almost never voted, I know many people who go to great extents to be able to vote. So to reduce the wasted energy, the best is if only a random set of people can vote, who are a good sample of the entire population. One simple random choice is based on sex, so probably it was a more efficient system when women could not vote. As probably feminists would feel to hurt if they were excluded again, it might be a better solution to forbid men from voting. Or, since we live in the XXI century, a coin can be tossed for each person before every election, and everyone would have, say, 1% of having the right to vote.


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