Learn for % of your later tax

Since the post-communist countries (like Hungary) joined the EU, the propaganda says that it’s so good for them as people can go abroad to work and they also get a lot of money from the EU. Am I the only one who feels these countries got cheated? I mean the talented and able go abroad (like some of the readers of this blog) and instead of doing whatever brilliant things they do abroad, their home country only gets a tiny payment from the EU. Not to mention that also new generations are educated here (or India), then give back very little to the country economywise.

I think the fair thing would be to give a percentage of everybody’s tax to the institution/country they were educated in. Maybe every school could say that anyone can learn here for free, but later you have to pay x% of your salary to us (forever/for 20 years/if your salary is >100.000). Also the x could depend on many things, like which school, how you study/behave/jews pay double etc. This would also make college education free for all everywhere.

ps. I know that there are many student loans in developed countries but not everywhere, and almost only for college, and they differ a bit in the main idea – currently some financial institution is trying to make money instead of a school getting more money if later they are justified by having raised people who make it in life. (And there could also be an upper bound to x% so that Bill Gates’s elementary school would not get unexpectedly and unfairly rich suddenly.)


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