Drugs for septuagenarians

Apart from the joy of using this word, I want to ask why it is not allowed for people say over 65 to put their life in any danger they want to. They are mature to make decisions. They don’t have much to lose. Why aren’t they allowed to use any drugs and not wear a seatbelt? It would make aging more graceful, with some fun at the end. I wonder if 59-year-olds would get fake ID’s… Maybe for couples to share the fun at the same time, they could have a Die Together program and take their average age. This would put marrying old millionaires even more attractive.


2 Responses to “Drugs for septuagenarians”

  1. daveagp Says:

    Ever seen Logan’s run? That’s about 40% of what you’re suggesting…

  2. domotorp Says:

    I have not seen it and now tried to read about it. Do you mean that if old people die nicely they are rewarded? This is a bit different from what I’m saying.

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