Highlight Recent Changes

I would like a (LaTeX) editor where I can highlight recent changes. It happens very often that you have to send a document back to a journal or to your co-author, and you want them to see easily what you’ve changed in the pdf (for the source file, many diff programs are available). Sometimes I introduce a separate command “\new” and I set its color to red, which is easy to remove later. Still, if you make many changes, this means more typing, and some unneeded text in the final document. I think Word/Dropbox can already roll back to any number of previous version. Why don’t they have an option that would show in red the parts that were changed in a given time interval? Best would be if a TeXCompiler would then highlight these parts in the pdf. I really believe such a software would be easy to make.


2 Responses to “Highlight Recent Changes”

  1. jurgen Says:

    me too!

  2. domotorp Says:

    Looks like this exists!

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