I am back!!!

Unbelievable, right? Aged 33, proud father, worldwide famous scientist, tonight after putting my partly jewish (yepp, still seems to be obsessed with this topic) aryo-american acquaintances on their night train to europa, on the way home bumping into juli and keszegh to discuss the obvious in our shrinking circle of friends’ diminishing love affairs, and saying good night to my wife guarding our daughter’s sleep, while listening to netherlands-costa rica, writing to this blog again. First I thought it would be a mere encouragement to my not so little anymore sister and brother to make their own blogs, but then suddenly the words started to surface on their own, unstoppably all the way from my heart to my fingertips. I did it before, I know how it will be, the first desire and the lasting madness, until it becomes a burden and the blog starts torturing me until eventually one of us has to leave…

Long story short, as a first plan, I will try to share my brilliant ideas with the rest of the world here, keeping faithful to my brain being open, but will probably end up doing something completely different. I think this much is enough for a comeback, now it’s up to you my dear readers who never empty your RSS feeds to overwhelm me with your comments of jubilation, and until then


5 Responses to “I am back!!!”

  1. jurgen Says:


  2. domotorp Says:

    hurray, hurray, for our first and most loyal reader! btw, before writing this post I’ve just reread the one about sitges, those were the days.

  3. daveagp Says:

    Next post can _you_ be in the music video?

  4. domotorp Says:

    OMG, this is a crowd already! I feel like Napoleon returning from Elba, hopefully my enthusiasm will last longer… Btw, I’ve just heard the big news from Rado, congratulations to you and Sara!

  5. daveagp Says:

    Thanks Domi! We’re getting hitched in “the old country” (Canada) then honeymooning on a road trip from Toronto to LA. Probably we will get to eat at more IHOPs than an average honeymoon!

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