Pálvöelgyi: Cryptography

Don’t laught but next semester one of the classes that I’ll teach will be cryptography. Fortunately, although I never learned this at ELTE, during my first semester at EPFL I took Lenstra’s course. And failed. Ok, the failure’s main cause was that I rebelled to hand in homeworks that were from a first year algebra book and ridiculously easy and tedious, but still, I could not call myself an expert of the area. Luckily I have a friend who works at an IT company as a security technician, so he might have some ideas of what to talk about. Oh, because this is the first time the course is offered at ELTE. At least there is no chance of being worse than last year’s lecture.

On math there are no big news, I gave some thought to this search problem posed by Dave. Also, nobody forget that the Emlektabla workshop is getting full, take your last chance to register. Oh, and I almost forgot that thanks to Nagy Zoli, now I have the printed copies of my theses from Lausanne. After personally previously carefully checking the pre-print version’s cover page and all the inside contents, they still managed to misspell my name. Today’s riddle is to guess where!


3 Responses to “Pálvöelgyi: Cryptography”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hi Dumitorp,

    if you have to teach approximation algorithms, you can have my slides
    You just need to exchange the name (well, why should you do your lectures different from the way you created your thesis :-) ).


  2. domotorp Says:

    Thx. Could you maybe change the name for me too? (To something different than dumitorp.) And just delete the date and location.

  3. toki Says:

    And send a beer too :)

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