Research Piles

This week so far has been very fruitful, monday I went to a hindustani concert with Padmini during which I managed to disprove the conjecture I’ve been working on recently (the one I mentioned in the previous post), then yesterday on our usual time wasting 666 seminar we came up with a proof for that nice little problem I mentioned earlier. Here is the link so that you can vote it up to give me more points and badges:

About the other problem, I will write soon, once I write up the disproof. In related news, it seems that one of the musicians might teach Padmini, let’s cross fingers that it will work out. In even more related news, Conan O’Brien is back on the air, even Ricky Gervais appeared in his first new show, which I decided not to follow as it got worse than it was, he should have stopped in dignity (sorry Conan if you are reading this). Has anyone seen The HBO Gervais show?


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