It turned out to be my duty at my department to introduce the courses to the computer system. The only problem with this was that they told me one hour before my flight started to switzerland and the deadline was the day of my phd defense. Surprisingly I failed…

However, since then the deadline was extended and I learned that I cannot do it until I have some permissions. Luckily, on the system, there is a buttom for my user where I can set the permission for myself. But very surprisingly it does not work…

So long story short, the same guy is doing it who did it last semester but at least I learned a lot about the system. Eg. my teaching load is 12 hours (~6 classes) per week which means that if I don’t teach at least half of this, then they have to fire me. In this semester I do 8 hours, for the next I am still desperately hunting for some untaken classes, the race is very tough. But it is good to know that my teaching load is only half of my teaching load. Padmini suggested to iterate this equation…

Besides being busy with all these, I frequent quite a number of seminars, recently I learned some nice results about matching. One is that if the girth is big and the graph is regular, then there is an asymptotically perfect matching:

The other is that the size of the maximum matching is only a local property:

I think that both of these can come handy, right now I am trying to prove an earlier favorite conjecture of mines using (at least one of) these. More to come if I manage…


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