Mono or rainbow

Today was my second meeting with a foolish student who picked me as her supervisor for the TDK (research conference for students). I think this is very useful for both of us, e.g. today I learnt from her that maybe I should stop wearing this T-shirt because it has a huge stain in the center. Of course there are T-shirts that are full of crazy colored shapes, but if a T-shirt has only one color, then it should not have a different colored spot. What if I want to be a non-comformist and wear only T-shirts that do not fit into these two categories? In more general, we can ask Ramsey and Turan type questions if we forbid H as a monochromatic OR rainbow subgraph. This is the topic of our research, see e.g. this recent paper:

She is still an undergrad, so we are looking for related simple questions to study, if you know of any, then let me know.

Ps. How did you like the brilliant transition to the math problem? I’m a f@#$ing genius, right?


4 Responses to “Mono or rainbow”

  1. jurgen Says:

    interesting illustration for ‘mono’

    btw what is qi in lgbtqi? first there was lgb, then lgbt, but i got stuck at that level. in the end we all will fall into one of the subclasses.

  2. domotorp Says:

    Today’s puzzle – why is that the picture for mono?

  3. daveagp Says:

    There is this two rainbow spanning tree business, can I pique your interest by offering a (clean) t-shirt as a prize?

    I wish your photo subject a quick return to non-monochromaticity!

  4. domotorp Says:

    It is a nice problem but definitely not for her – she has not studied algorithms yet – no Prim or NP-completeness and I think you need to know these. What I am looking for is some good old-fashioned hungarian style pointless extremal combinatorical question.

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