Banksy Simpsons

Our reader’s favorite graffiti artist made the latest simpsons intro, which might be the best so far. It’s a pity there is no oscar for simpsons intros…

About math, well, I did not do much special lately. Apart from trying to finish old things and hanging out in useless seminars, I posted this question on CSTheoryOverflow:

It feels quite natural to ask and if Scott Aaronson does not know the answer, then probably nobody does. Still, I would think that it is not that hard to connect it to some other known problems.


5 Responses to “Banksy Simpsons”

  1. pb Says:

    domotor! for some unknown reason i got in the mood of finding your new blog so i googled “domotor padmini blog”. unfortunately, your old blog’s posts appeared for the first couple of hits not to mention ‘The car was a Fiat Premier Padmini 1976 model’. so i scrolled down and down and down and after a couple of minutes i decided to check your old blog. very tricky, my friend, very tricky.

  2. domotorp Says:

    hehe. and what happened at bajor after we left?

  3. jurgen Says:

    apu, don’t you want to visit gil kalai’s blog? :)

  4. pb Says:

    @ domotorp: we ate, my pizza was fine, but he first two was a bit burnt…
    then we payed and left.

    @jurgen: i did visit kalai’s blog. what was there to see this time? i mean what’s your point in inviting me to go there?

  5. domotorp Says:

    I guess by the time you checked it, this post was already not the top-most one:

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