Are mathematicians really nerds?

The following CSTheoryOverflow question seems to give an affirmative answer:

Is Magic: the Gathering Turing complete?

I used to play this cardgame a lot, a few years ago I managed to get rid of my collection and curse my little brother, bence with it. It significantly improved his english, but now eszter is even better because of the hannah montana songs and the desire to speak to padmini. I try to study with them every week for the entry exam to fazekas high school. If you want to check if you could make it (or improve your hungarian), here are the problems from last year, you needed about 40 points to qualify.


4 Responses to “Are mathematicians really nerds?”

  1. jurgen Says:

    aranyos kis kerdesek. a normal osztalyba (=14 eveseknek) valo bekeruleshez is vannak feladatok online?

  2. domotorp Says:

    most nem talaltam meg, de biztos van, mert oriasi a feladatbazis. phd-d utan odamesz?

  3. Dani Says:

    Nem rejtetted el túlságosan ezt a blogot, rögtön tudtam hogy hannah montanára kell rákeresni (tényleg, van olyan a googleben ami megmondja hogy ez az oldal hányadik találat ha hannah montanára keresünk?)

  4. domotorp Says:

    Ha legkozelebb talalkozunk, megkerdem Esztert, o biztos tudja.

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