Money starts rolling in

My first salary arrived – 107405 forints. This posts math related part is the homework of converting this to francs. I think that with the salary/beerpriceinabar ratio I am still better off than in Lausanne, I just gotto be careful to avoid buying anything else.


2 Responses to “Money starts rolling in”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hmm.. only 107405HF = 400EUR per week, that’s really not much. But Switzerland is not that expensive, you can get a women’s haircut already for 160CHF.
    Once a V-belt for my car had to be exchanged. By brother said, “can’t be more than 50EUR”. When the garage in Echallens realized I’m German, they made a special offer of just 600CHF.

  2. domotorp Says:

    Nice. Today Padmini went shopping with my mum, they bought four coats for 1600 forints.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention in the post that I also get lunchtickets worth of 6000 forints. That is per month of course. And the funniest is, that it is kinda correct, I usually eat from 500 at the cafeteria and only every other day. But I guess from a hungarian salary you are not expected to eat every day…

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