I am famous

I became so famous that people spot me when I am walking down on arXiv:


(Keszegh spotted that we were spotted. I wonder if Eppstein will spot that we have spotted him.)

I also decided to include some more search words so that Laura can find the blog:

blog domi domotor “the blog is a lie!!!” flatworming party

Now all I need is some interesting stuff that I can post about…

Oh, and the poll for Jurgen to decide which appearance he prefers:


5 Responses to “I am famous”

  1. domotorp Says:

    changed back and the others shall never know what they’ve missed!

  2. d Says:

    this is unbelievable, some of my settings got lost while switching to the other appearance and back. just now, when a second person noticed my blog!

  3. Laura Says:

    FOUND!!! :D:D:D the blog wasnt a lie……….!

  4. Dave Says:

    The lie is a blog!

  5. domotorp Says:

    great, now I gotto write a post in canadian…

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