Finally back at ELTE

The second week of teaching has started, by now we managed to get two working computers to our office (with Peter Csikvari). Today I have to teach three courses, that means (almost) non-stop work from 10-4.  Luckily all three are on the third floor or higher, so I will be unaffected by the flood on the ground floor, I hope the electricity won’t cease working again. The only sad thing is that I am quite thirsty and the tapwater is a little muddy, plus I cannot afford a bottled water from my new salary…

And to again try to focus on math, let me proudly announce that my first joint paper with Padmini was accepted to EJC, here is a link to the not-yet-final version:


4 Responses to “Finally back at ELTE”

  1. jurgen Says:

    te megvaltoztattad a blog kinezetet? tok szarul nez ki mostanaban

  2. jurgen Says:

    ja es siman iden kellett volna wine-ra menned, bar lehet, h ott nem latogattalak volna meg

  3. domotorp Says:

    meg, gondoltam a nagy megujulasban egy megigenytelenebb kulsore valtom at, ami engem is zavar, ugyhogy ha minden olvasomkent teged is, akkor lehet visszavaltom. wine-ra viszont nem ertem miert mentem volna a vilag vegere, foleg ha se te, se a levszki sem jon.

  4. töki Says:

    már jointot is nyomtok? :-)

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