Blog Redux

Welcome everyone to the renewed blog! From now on, apart from writing in English, also the topics will change, I will write less about my personal life and more about boring stuff, like math. Ok, just to make both of my readers happy, here is a photo from our marriage:

For those who want more, check out my mum’s picassa:

About marriage, I also discovered that what we learned in school about the right of the first night is just a legend:

And to indicate that this blog will also be about math, check out this TCSOverflow question that I am trying to solve:

I strongly believe that it must have a very simple solution. If you find it, please post it in the comments here, so that I can copy it to the TCSO and get some points and badges for it…


4 Responses to “Blog Redux”

  1. jurgen Says:

    nagyon fess fiatalember vagy pongyolaban es festett labbal, de a 69es a legmenobb kep

  2. domotorp Says:

    hogy is van, utolsokbol lesznek az elsok?

    hat igen, a 69 az neked szolt.

    na kivancsi vagyok az epfl-esek kozul megtalalja-e vki a blogot.

  3. töki Says:

    aranyosak vagytok :)
    néhány képnél mosolyogtam mert sejtettem mire gondolsz :D

  4. domotorp Says:

    na hurra, megegy huseges olvasom ujra felfedezte a blogot!

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